A trusted leader in Medical Instruments for over 40 Years

We reflect on our long-standing leader status in the surgical instrument industry by simply stating that our vision may change, but our values will not be compromised. Our experienced professional team has integrity. Our products are sensibly priced and our service meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our medical instruments store is a one-stop destination for all medical instruments based products.

We also offer courses & workshops on PRF & Facial Aesthetics.


With passion for perfection

The success story of Stoma internationally active corporate group "Storz am Mark" started in the year 1919. As a family-run corporation they manufacture their dental instruments with precision, pride and passion at their dental manufacturing facilities in Germany. Through this commitment to the highest quality and precision, the brand stoma® today has an excellent reputation in the dental field.

The extensive stoma® range of dental instruments is supplemented through products involved in instrument processing, such as e.g. cleaning, sterilization and laboratory accessories. Stoma always approach new processes in the market open-mindedly and develop innovative and ground-breaking solutions for these trends.

Stoma are practising dental surgeons and dentists, periodontologists, oral surgeons, oral-cavity-, maxillo-facial surgeons, plastic surgeons, clinics, universities and academies. In order to be able to register and implement the requirements and wishes of customer's as directly as possible, Stoma have installed their own direct marketing structures for the markets in Germany, France, Belgium and Luxemburg.