stoma® micro-screw kit

stoma® micro-screw kit

“stoma® micro-screw kit” 23033.00
Content of the kit:

p.i.c.®-tray with 4 blocks for screws, drills and screwdriver
micro-screws Ø 1,0 mm, available in 6, 8 and 10 mm length (package of 3)
micro-screws Ø 1,2 mm, available in 6, 8 and 10 mm length (package of 3)
Drills Ø 0,8 mm and 1,0 mm
Screwdriver basic
Screwdriver with claw
Screwdriver tip for contra-angle piece
For more than 10 years, the stoma® micro-screw has been used successfully and reliably by a large number of speakers, specialized users and beginners due to the simple and safe handling.

After intensive development work, Stoma / Storz am Mark patented and produced the stoma® micro-screw. Since 2009, the stoma® micro-screw was successfully established on the market and registered internationally, e.g. also in the USA.

The advantages of the stoma® micro-screw:

  • extended possible applications by means of a small diameter of the screw head
  • high stability due to special steel alloy even with reduced diameter of 1,0 mm and 1,2 mm
  • available in screw lengths of 4 up to 14 mm
  • ensures an easy and safe handling
  • allows a safe fixation by means of its thread structure even for very fine bone graft transplants
  • no osseointegration thanks to the special material, making it easy to remove after bone regeneration

The stoma® micro-screw is used in various augmentation techniques, such as lateral and horizontal bone augmentation, as well as 3D bone augmentation via tunnel technique. It’s ideal for those who work in the area of bone management and want to further specialize in it.

The stoma® micro-screw proves to be particularly beneficial for small and thin cortical bone graft transplants, called bone graft transplants or shells. In addition, the stoma® micro-screw shows its efficiency in very narrow spaces, e.g. single tooth defects, where space restraints make the use of traditional bone fixation screws impossible.

The pictures show application examples of the stoma® micro-screw and their very reliable post-operative results after about four months.